A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game about putting Cats into Boxes.

This was created for 'My First Gamejam: Winter 2017', and is the first real game that I've made.

I wish I could have done a lot more with this, as I had plenty of ideas, but little time to learn the engine and implement them.

I hope that it can provide at least a modicum of amusement for my players.

All instructions for play are available inside of the game.

V0.2 Patch:

Fixed Game-Crashing Bug Involving Gooshy-Food

Additional Credits

Install instructions

Download the executable and run it to install the game.


Cat In A Box V0.2.exe 17 MB


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I enjoyed this, you should keep working on this project, perhaps make it mobile (to go with the 'touch screen' comment earlier). Anyway, keep on making games! ^_-

I really liked the concept for this and it first perfectly with cats too. Solid puzzle game and I would love to play more!

Given the speed/accuracy you need in moving the cat, I found it much easier to use the touch-screen than the mouse to play the game. Cute, fun first game. Congrats on your first steps!